This new LED iPhone case will seriously up your selfie game

Welcome to the future, where not only can you snap quick pics of yourself on your phone, you can also take photoshoot-quality shots with the help of studio lights right on your phone case. This brilliant invention comes from the mind of none other than Beyonce’s stylist, Ty Hunter. The superstar’s right-hand man created what he calls the Ty-Lite, a phone case equipped with an LED light for those moments when what’s around you just isn’t cutting it.

Small bulbs line the perimeter of the case and are easily customizable to give selfie-takers the exact look they’re going for. You can choose between “cool,” “warm,” and “brilliant” when deciding on your preferred lighting, and it comes with rechargeable batteries so you’ll always be ready.

This case also comes in handy for a whole host of situations well beyond the realm of selfies, including video and Facetime. No need to step into better lighting or turn up the exposure in editing, the case does it all for you, so much so that Hunter told Glamour that his friends “don’t even need to use a filter when they’re using it.” Here’s what it looks like in action:

The case is currently available on the website for iPhones 5s, 6, 6s, and 6 Plus, as well as the Galaxy S6, each for $79.99 — a small price to pay for that picture perfect moment. 

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