We’ll Be Dreaming About Phoebe Bridgers’ Pink Hair for the Foreseeable Future, Thanks

It's just so preeeeeetty.

We love when artists adopt a whole new persona for a project—even when it’s something as small as a different hair color. For the band MUNA’s latest track, “Silk Chiffon,” featured artist Phoebe Bridgers rocked a gorgeous pastel pink hair color for the music video, and it’ll be a long time before it leaves our heads.

The video, which dropped on September 7th, shows Bridgers’ character wearing all pink with her coordinating pastel hair. The hue perfectly completes the look in the video, and she also showed off the color in an Instagram post as well. Rather than acknowledge the different hair color, though, she simply promoted the song. Bridgers also runs the label MUNA is signed to—Saddest Factory Records—so it only makes sense for her to have a part in the band’s newest song.

So now here’s the thing: Obviously this color isn’t permanent, because Bridgers just performed a few days ago and had her signature silvery blonde hair in place, so this was either a temporary pink shade or even a wig. We’d now like to make the case for Bridgers to keep this pink hair, because it works so well for her. While we absolutely adore her silvery hair, as it’s become something so identifiable, the pink is so subtle and pretty.

A few years back, Bridgers also did a blue money piece, so hear us out on this: What if she did a pink money piece on the blonde hair? Then it’s just a pop of color! But perhaps she doesn’t want the pink to take away from the badass-ness of her go-to skeleton costume she wears on stage.

There is so much to consider!

In any case, we won’t stop thinking about this pink hair any time soon and are low-key hoping that maybe—JUST MAYBE—we’ll see it again sometime.

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