Phoebe Bridgers’s Grammys Red Carpet Look Has a Sentimental Meaning

Any true fan will get it.

We love a good full-circle moment, and that’s exactly what Phoebe Bridgers’ 2021 Grammys red carpet look is. The singer, who is nominated for four Grammy awards tonight (including the coveted trophy for Best New Artist), wore a black gown decorated with a rhinestone skeleton—and any true fan knows the look wasn’t worn just to turn heads.

The skeleton is symbolic for Bridgers, since she famously bought a $10 skeleton suit to promote her album Punisher, which earned her four Grammy nominations tonight. Bridgers often wore skeleton suits during the press tour for Punisher, and it’s seen on some of her best-selling merch.

But tonight, the singer (who walked the red carpet with her brother Jackson) took her love for skeletons to a high-end level. The gown is designed by Thom Browne and is intricately designed with rhinestones. Bridgers completed the look with burgundy lipstick, black nail polish, and loose waves, sticking to her gothic style.

Phoebe Bridgers Grammys

Jackson also sported a skeleton, albeit subtler than his sister’s. Good luck tonight, Phoebe!

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