Pharrell was interviewed by a bunch of kids and it’s the best

Press conferences can be ultra stressful. Being put on the spot in front of dozens of reporters can be enough pressure to make you forget your own name (or at least, I totally would). But for plenty of celebs, press conferences are just a part of life. . . so you’d think that for the ultra-famous Pharrell Williams, a little press conference about his new book, Happy!, would be NBD. But when he attended the conference earlier this week, he found that it was a little, erm, smaller than he was expecting . . . because some local children in London were tasked with questioning him.

“This is a shock,” a visibly confused Pharrell says to the kids, aged 5 to 10, as they giggle. “This is my first venture into publishing, and honestly I have to say, there’s no greater way that this could have ever happened, because honestly, the book is for you! . . . you guys are making me so nervous.”

And he had a lot to be nervous about, because the kids delivered some seriously hard-hitting questions, such as the first one delivered by Jamie: “Please, can I go to the toilet?” (To which Pharrell wisely said, “Yes.”) The kids ask Pharrell about the contents of the book (“Is it about happy?” “What’s your favorite page in the book and why?”), his favorite song, his pets, and whether he will be reading Happy! on the toilet or in bed. It’s actually the most adorable thing in the entire world, and we really hope all press conferences are conducted like this because CUTENESS.

Watch the entire video below and be prepared to squeal. (Also, if you share this video, remember that whenever you tweet with the hashtag #ReadHAPPY, a book will be donated to a child through the First Book nonprofit — which makes us very happy indeed!)

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