The pets you should really be following on Instagram

Sure, it can be hard to swallow the fact that there are pets on Instagram with more followers than you, but hey. . . it’s Monday, which means a little pet cuteness couldn’t hurt anyone.  Lil Bub, Boo and Grumpy Cat may already be household names, but don’t be fooled.  There are more Internet-famous pets that you should know!  It’s time to take a break from whatever you’re doing, breath deeply and look at this essential list of the pets you need to be following on Instagram. This is important stuff, people!

1) Hamilton The Hipster Cat – @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

Photo via Instagram @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

Hamilton The Hipster Cat by far the hippest cat on Instagram with his perfectly manicured mustache and whatever attitude.  Hamilton’s a rescue kitty that was born on the 4th of July, which makes him all the more hip.

2) Menswear Dog – @mensweardog

Photo via Instagram @mensweardog

Hamilton may be the hippest cat on Instagram, but the hippest dog on Instagram has got to be Menswear Dog.  Try not to be jealous that he’s more stylish than you.  He’s a 5-year-old Shibu Inu living in New York where he’s making a name for himself in the fashion world.

3) Mr. Smoosh – @smooshblog

Photo via Instagram @smooshblog

Mr. Smoosh has the kind of kitty face that you want to hold in your hands and smoosh around kind of like pizza dough.  He’s a 9 year old exotic shorthair that resides in Bloomington, Indiana where he’s pursuing a career in napping.

4) Mr. Bagel  – @chinnybuddy

Photo via Instagram @chinnybuddy

Mr. Bagel’s a resuce chinchilla living in the Bay area.  He loves grocery shopping, Starbucks and chinchillin’.

5) Princess Monster Truck – @princessmonstertruck

Photo via Instagram @princessmonstertruck

Don’t let her fangs fool ya, Princess Monster Truck is sweet and cuddly. . . when she wants to be.  She was rescued from the streets of New York and now rules over the kingdom of kitty Instagrammers.

6) Yogurt The Pirate Pup – @yogurt_thepirate

Photo via Instagram @yogurt_thepirate

OMG how could you not love Yogurt The Pirate Pup?!  She’s a 5-year-old, one-eyed Chihuahua living in Thailand.  If you provide the smile she’ll provide the wink!

7) Trotter – @trotterpup

Photo via Instagram @trotterpup

This San Francisco based French Bulldog has got sass, style and social networking skills.  Her 200,000 plus followers will all agree, Trotter knows how to dress to impress.

8) Sam Has Eyebrows – @samhaseyebrows

Photo via Instagram @samhaseyebrows

Sam’s got eyebrows.  No, really.  Look at them!  They could make Groucho Marx jealous!  Sam wins the award for most expressive feline on Instagram.  Though he may look worried, Sam’s doesn’t have much to stress about these days (except whether or not his eyebrows are a trending topic on Twitter).

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