These pets are really, really helpful with household chores, OK?

This post was written by Lindsey Robertson on The Dodo.

1. “Hand me the next dish!”

(Reddit: Chemella)

2. “We’re going to look until we find that other sock.”

(Reddit: Taoulz)

3. “We’re probably gonna need a socket wrench for this one.”

(Reddit: Alfonsozegr8)

4. “Alright folks, I can help whoever’s next!”

(Reddit: PoopandSunshine)

5. “No, no, you’ve gotta move the expense report over to the OTHER spreadsheet.”

(Reddit: Lerchasaurus)

6. “Your laundry will stay warmer if you let me lay on it.” 


7. “Alright, looks like you’re all folded and packed!”

(Reddit: scumbagcoley)

8. “I’m just right outside the door if you need to hold my paw, okay?”

(Reddit: maddie3006)

9. “Here, take my horse, it’ll make you feel better.”

(Reddit: overweightduck)

Thanks, Pets, for being so helpful and making life a little bit easier!

(Reddit: BustyPoser)

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