Pets can’t vote, but here are a few who’ll inspire you to get to the polls tomorrow

In case you’ve avoided the internet, television, and your friends and family for the past year, you probably know that tomorrow is Election Day. While this year’s election has been incredibly tense, voting is incredibly important. In case you need just a bit more encouragement, here are some pets who’ll inspire you to get to the polls tomorrow.

But before this cute parade starts, here’s just a few words on voting:

Even if your state leans in a way that you don’t, it’s still important for you to get out and show your support for your candidate of choice. Having the chance and opportunity to vote is like no other, and while you might not think it makes a difference, trust us — it definitely does.

Make sure you know where your polling place is by tomorrow, and vote for the person who you trust our beautiful country with. Do it for your fellow people, and do it for Fido, who’d vote if he had the opportunity.

1. Gus

This sleepy pup is tired after hitting the polls. Voting is easy for humans, but somewhat exhausting for a pet.

2. Stash 

Stash is both political, and camera-ready. If cats could run someday, she’d be a perfect (ahem — or, “purrfect”) candidate.

3. Presidential Pugs

These two pugs aren’t totally sure who to support, but look fabulous while truly “getting to know” both main candidates.

4. Millie

Millie wears her voting sticker proudly! (Let’s just hope it doesn’t hurt her fur later on.)

5. Norman

Norman is a pomeranian husky, and he is one adorable dude. (And knowing that he supports voting makes him even cuter.)

6. Lola Bear

Something tells us that Lola Bear will be very, very angry if you don’t get out and vote.

7. The Politicat

Voting can make us all a little hungry.

8. Ragdoll Representative

This North Carolina kitty voted in the primaries, so she’ll probably make sure she’s first in line on Tuesday.

9. Lennon

We can’t get enough of this political Yorkie. Just. So. Cute.

10. Presidential Pup

Where can we get a hat like that?

11. Baker Wellington

Who doesn’t love a well-educated Labradoodle?

12. Oliver

Oliver took part in the primaries, and has this sticker to prove it!

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