Here’s why fans are petitioning to confirm Wonder Woman’s bisexuality in the next film

A petition is currently circling that is asking DC Comics and Warner Bros. to acknowledge that Diana Prince/Wonder Woman is a proud bisexual woman.

The petition, created by a GLAAD campus ambassador at New York University, makes the very fair point that it would be a little ridiculous if the sequel continues to skirt around Wonder Woman’s bisexuality.

The petition asks that the film “directly acknowledge Diana Prince for who she is, who she has always been (regardless of her current love interest), and what her character could potentially represent for millions of people.”


Wonder Woman’s Diana Prince hails from Themyscira, land of the Amazons and inhabited exclusively by women,” the petition reads. “This alone should serve as reason enough to confirm her sexuality, since any close relationship she could have had prior to her romantic storyline with Steve Trevor would have had to have been with another woman. Some of you may be thinking that this specificity doesn’t make a difference but for people like me who rarely see themselves reflected in media, believe me. It does. …Making Wonder Woman canonically bisexual on the big screen would make her the first openly LGBTQ superhero of any gender from either DC or Marvel’s cinematic universes, and would solidify her place as a true role model for women of all ages and identities.”

Sounds good to us, plus Prince’s sexuality has been openly discussed more than once. Greg Rucka, who writes the comics that the film is based on, told in 2016 that “When you start to think about giving the concept of Themyscira its due, the answer is, ‘How can they not all be in same-sex relationships?’ Right? It makes no logical sense otherwise.”

Gal Gadot echoed this sentiment to Variety last year, saying, “In this movie she does not experience any bisexual relationships. But it’s not about that. She’s a woman who loves people for who they are. She can be bisexual. She loves people for their hearts.”

Fans want a lot of things from their favorite on-screen characters, but we can’t really see why this one would be difficult to acknowledge. It would be refreshing and progressive to consider Wonder Woman’s sexuality. We wait on DC and the entire Wonder Women crew to handle this issue with the sensitivity and thought it deserves.

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