Peter Vaughan of “Game of Thrones” has sadly passed away

It’s a lucky thing to get to do what you love your entire life. And the talented actor Peter Vaughan, who has passed away at 93, was fortunate enough to spend his final years acting.

Vaughan was best known in recent years for his unforgettable role as Maester Aemon (aka Aemon Targaryen) on Game of Thrones.

His character provided guidance and wisdom to Jon Snow. He appeared on five seasons of the HBO hit show. Aemon was memorable and beloved, just like the actor himself.

The news was confirmed by his long-time agent, according to Deadline.

Originally born Peter Olm, the actor’s longstanding career spanned many decades. He appeared in tons of unforgettable roles in TV, films, and in the theater.

Perhaps even more impressive than his incredible career is the fact that the UK-born actor was a veteran of World War II.

Vaughan was already an accomplished touring actor before taking time off to serve in Belgium, Normandy, and the Far East. When he returned from the war, he began acting again.

Though many in recent years know him for Game of Thrones, the actor was also known for his work with Terry Gilliam and a delightful character on the BBC sitcom, Porridge.

His fellow Game of Thrones actor, Brenock O’Connor, spoke highly about Vaughan in a tweet after his passing.

He is survived by his wife, Lillias Walker.

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