In honor of Adam Pally’s ‘Mindy Project’ departure, all the times Peter Prentice was the absolute MOST

The rumors are true: Adam Pally is leaving The Mindy Project, and we honestly couldn’t be more heartbroken. There’s no bad blood, his contract is just expiring. Pally will still be around Schulman & Associates for a few more episodes, so there’s still time to get your Peter fix, to relish in his friendship with Mindy, and for the writers to craft a graceful, not-too-forced exit.

Why’s he leaving? It looks like answers might be coming sooner than we want them to, because tonight’s episode is titled ‘What About Peter?’ I’m sure Pally will bounce back as the lovable supporting actor in another series in no time (he’s one of the most sought after TV actors out there right now). And there’s always the chance of a cameo for Dr. Prentice in the future. Lest we focus on a world without Peter, here are some of our favorite Adam Pally moments from his time on The Mindy Project. Who would have predicted that Peter Prentice would so hardcore burrow his way into our hearts. We’re gonna miss you brother man.

That time he dressed like Mindy

When he just couldn’t take any more Jewel

When we saw his super fratty side

This pep talk

When he just couldn’t sit through a ballet rehearsal

His reaction to sexting Cliff as Mindy

When he genuinely didn’t know what to do

This powerful logic

When he was Mr. Wedding

That time he tried to give breast exams to the elderly

When the phone rang one too many times

That time he wasn’t even sorry but we loved him anyway

When he found out Danny and Mindy were together

There are a million more moments but we’re now crying too much to keep finding GIFs. So we’ll leave it here and say thanks for the memories Peter!

Fingers crossed for some more Jeremy time. That, or a reprisal of Happy Endings. Dare we ask for both?

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