Peter Parker is clearly a “Star Wars” fanboy, and be still, our hearts

After what has felt like forever, Spider-Man: Homecoming is (finally) here and with it, all of our nerdy dreams have come true — because it’s very clear that Peter Parker is just as much a fanboy as we are. In the latest Spidey flick, there is yet another Star Wars reference, and it made our hearts explode with joy.

We already knew that Peter Parker (currently played by Tom Holland) is a huge Avengers fanboy from his limited scenes in Captain America: Civil War, and even the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming. But it was also pretty cool to see that Peter is also a big fan of Star Wars. You might remember his Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back reference in Civil War — taking down Ant-Man like Luke Skywalker took down the AT-ATs on Hoth? (We’re going to overlook the fact that Peter calls Empire an “old movie.”)


Well, in Spider-Man: Homecoming, there’s yet another Star Wars reference, and this time it’s made multiple times throughout the movie. Peter’s best buddy in the film Ned (Jacob Batalon) is excited to show Peter his new Lego Death Star  — made up of over 3000 pieces. Peter is clearly excited about the prospect of them working on it together, and it’s pretty adorable. Ned does bring the Death Star over to Peter’s apartment with hopes of completing it. But, his plans are thwarted when he discovers Peter is Spider-Man — dropping (and shattering) the Lego Death Star back into 3000 pieces.


Did you know we almost got a Star Wars reference in Guardians of the Galaxy too?! It’s awesome to see that our superheroes are fans too — and the MCU and Star Wars appear to be fans of the other’s work! Peter probably saw The Force Awakens in theaters a few times just like we’re enjoying Spider-Man: Homecoming, and that’s just delightful.

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