Peter from “Narnia” is all grown up (and still gorgeous!) in the new “Little Mermaid” trailer

We’re giving you ten seconds to think of your childhood movie star crush. If you didn’t immediately think of Peter Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia series then you missed out. Actually, maybe you didn’t miss out on the cutest kid crush you could have. Narnia’s Peter — or should we say, William Moseley — is all grown up and starring in the new Little Mermaid. We thought our crush was snuffed out. But alas, the flame has been relit. We’re in love with Peter all over again.

If you weren’t one of those kids who was crushin’ on the eldest Pevensie sibling, we’ll give you a refresher as to who he is/what he looked like.

He’s dreamier than enjoying a Turkish Delight on a cold Narnia’s eve sitting fireside with Mr. Tumnus!

And don’t worry. Grown up Peter — er, William Moseley — still wears his hair in that tousled look all us preteens were wild about. It’s simply styled in a more mature way now. Just look at this comparison of armor-clad Peter next to Moseley’s new Little Mermaid character, Cam Harrison.


Same guy, just on a new fantastical mission in life! He traded a talking lion in for a mermaid, and we support his decision.


From what we can gather from the trailer, Moseley plays a journalist covering “The Little Mermaid of the Mississippi,” who he ultimately must save from the circus ringleader/voodoo priest holding her captive. If he can save Narnia, then we know Peter — sorry, Moseley — can save a single mermaid.

His new slogan will be, “For Narnia and for Aslan! And also for The Little Mermaid of the Mississippi!” It’s a little long-winded, but it’ll have to do.

Check out the trailer below to see our boy back at it again. You’ll definitely be just as enchanted as you were when Lucy Pevensie chucked a snowball at Peter after he tried to apologize for not believing her when she told him a fantasy world existed within a wardrobe filled with musty fur coats and he laughed and threw one right back at her.

Come on guys, you know the scene we’re talking about!

Plus, this new film looks as magical and unique as it’s animated Disney predecessor with the same name. We think it’ll be the perfect vehicle to help us rekindle our nostalgic crush. And duh, mermaids are cool too.

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