Pete Davidson’s first tattoo was a tribute to Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend Big Sean, and OMGOMGOMG

Having a tattoo in honor of an ex is awkward enough, but having a tattoo dedicated to your new fiancée’s ex? That’s even worse, and that’s the nightmare Pete Davidson, the future Mr. Ariana Grande, is currently living—even though it doesn’t seem like he (or Grande) is too upset about it.

During an interview with Variety for the mag’s Young Hollywood cover, Davidson let the news slip…and somehow, he’s not fazed by it. While sharing facts about his life and his past, he admitted that his first tattoo is on his leg and says “swerve life,” a tribute to the catchphrase in a Big Sean song.

“I was 17 when I got my first tattoo. It was a tattoo I got with my buddy, Ricky, and it says ‘swerve life’ because of the Big Sean song that had that like ‘swerve’ in it. We were like, ‘That’s gonna last forever,’” he said.

Might we remind you that Grande and Sean dated for almost a year? To the point where they were open about their relationship publicly, even on social media?

And yes, it has been almost four years since that relationship ended, but still. It’s kind of hilariously awkward, right? To us, maybe, but not to Grande and Davidson, since he probably wouldn’t be bringing it up on camera and laughing about it if it bothered them. Plus, at this point, Grande and Davidson have matching tattoos of their own, so how much does that one piece of body art really matter?

Besides, it’s not like the “swerve” tattoo is the only one that Davidson has. This dude is covered in ink, and now we want to know the back story to all of his cool tattoos. Maybe one day soon he’ll fill us in.

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