Pete Davidson and Claire Foy’s intense food fight in this new SNL promo will give you life

Thanks to her Golden Globe Award-winning performance as a young Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, Claire Foy has quickly rocketed to stardom. Foy, who recently starred in The Girl in the Spider’s Webis hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time on December 1st, and although she’s often been cast in dramatic roles, the promos for her episode definitely show her more playful side. In the most recent teaser for the upcoming SNL episode posted on November 28th, Foy let loose with Pete Davidson in a food fight for the ages.

The clip opens with Davidson and Foy wrapping up a tour of the famous Studio 8H. The actress reveals how excited she is to host the show, at which point Davidson reveals there’s one more thing on the agenda.

"Well, before I finish the tour, there is an SNL tradition we have to do with every host," Davidson tells Foy. "What is it?" Foy asks with a smile on her face.

The video cuts to Davidson lobbing a powdered-sugar donut at the actress in slow motion. It strikes her on the shoulder, leaving a streak of sugar, and she retaliates with a healthy handful of spaghetti. The food fight continues, with Foy throwing a whole pizza at Davidson like a frisbee and Davidson making it rain with mixed greens. Sadly, the fun comes to an end when featured player Heidi Gardner walks in on them and demands to know what they’re doing. Spoiler alert: Davidson’s “tradition” was actually just Gardner’s lunch. Whoops.

Tradition or not, we honestly wish we could have joined in.

We can’t wait to watch Foy host SNL on December 1st.

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