These “pawesome” DIY pet costumes are warming our hearts

It’s that time of year again. The time when you make one of the most important decisions of your year, possibly your life. Whenever this time comes, you never truly feel ready, but it’s here and you have to face it. It’s the time of the year when you have to decide…what your pet is going to be for Halloween.

Now, let’s talk about pet costumes. There are few things better on the Internet than animals. Maybe baby animals. Maybe baby animals sleeping. But when Halloween time comes, there are baby animals and pets dressed up in Halloween costumes.

A long time ago, the Internet decided it wanted, no needed, pets in costumes. This is viral bread and butter. Pet costumes have proven to be the quickest way to social media fame. So, take a breath if you’re overwhelmed – because it is a big decision. But we’re here to offer a few adorable suggestions. If you’re having trouble deciding what Fluffy or Taco is going to be this year, look no further than this DIY Pet Costume video.

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Rainbow Lion


Rainbow faux fur (about 1/2 yd.)
Measuring tape


1. Using a measuring tape, measure the circumference of your dog’s head around the back of their ears and chin. Add 2 inches to this measurement to get the length of the faux fur rectangle. The width will be 8-12 inches depending on the size of your lion.
2. After cutting out the fur rectangle, fold it in half with the fur on the inside and cut 6 slits in it.
3. Reverse the fold so the fur is on the outside.
4. Cut holes in each end and thread a piece of ribbon through.
5. Cut out another fur square with one slit in it. Insert it in the middle to fill out the top of the mane.



Toilet paper roll
Masking tape
Silver paint
Thin cardboard
Faux fur (similar color to your pet)
Glue gun


1. Cut a toilet paper roll open and coil it into a cone shape. Secure it with masking tape. Trim any excess at the base.
2. Paint it silver or any color you want.
3. Wrap lace or ribbon around the horn and glue in place.
4. Use the base of the horn to trace a cardboard circle and cut it out. Glue the circle to the base of the horn.
5. Use a toilet paper roll to trace a slightly larger circle of faux fur and cardboard.
6. Glue the fur circle to the base.
7. Using a measuring tape, measure your dog’s head from where the horn will be and around their chin. Cut a piece of elastic that is about 2 inches shorter than this measurement so the elastic will be taut.
8. Glue the ends of the elastic to the fur base.
9. Seal by gluing the final cardboard circle over where the elastic attaches.

Business Dog


Collared shirt (children’s size)
Tie (children’s size)


1. Look for children’s shirt and tie sets, keeping in mind the circumference of your dog’s neck.
2. Cut off the collar of the shirt, leaving the top button intact.
3. Unbutton the top button and put the collar and tie on your pet.

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