This Peruvian town came together to give this 83-year-old homeless man a beautiful makeover

A town in Peru is showing the world what it means to take care of its own.

83-year-old Chumán Don Luciano is from the Municipalidad Provincial de Ferreñafe. Like so many people, Chumàn suffers from mental illness. He’s been diagnosed with schizophrenia and, while not technically homeless (he has a family and a home), Chumàn prefers to spend time on the city streets. He’s considered a beloved icon in Ferreñafe, so it was no surprise when the townspeople wanted to help him.

In a touching gesture that showed the true meaning of community, they gave him a bath, a haircut, a shave and new, clean clothes to wear. Chumàn’s transformation is stunning, but what’s even more beautiful is the way the citizens of Ferreñafe came together to care for this man.

The city shared the what happened on its municipal Facebook page, and the response was overwhelming.