Watch these cute cats dressed up like the healthy snacks they are eating!

This is so wrong it is right. Last week we were having a normal day at HelloGiggles HQ until Gina Mei (follow her @ginamei) showed us this channel and changed our lives!

These videos are from sweetfurx4 who had the great idea to dress up their Persian kittens like various fruits and then feed them the fruits that match their costume. The first video is of a kitten named Jumbo Pillow who got into Halloween early with a feast of chicken dipped in pumpkin puree:

In this vid from 2010 Cooper wears an adorable banana split sundae costume Halloween and for being so patient he is rewarded with a fresh banana:

Mochi snacks on an apple in a little apple top hat:

In 2011, Cooper dressed up as a cute orange for Halloween and got to try some slices of oranges for the first time:

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