All the Wonderful Perks of Sleeping Alone

It’s hard to cope with an empty bed after a breakup. You miss the body warmth, the cuddles, and mornings lazing around under covers together. Maybe you miss it so much that you do what you know is wrong—you find excuses to stay at your ex’s place like, “well his bed is probably made, “her AC is stronger,” or “my toothbrush is there and I have no idea where to get another one of those!”

To quote the great Cher in Moonstruck:

You’re missing out on the party that is “me time.”

Sleeping alone is actually pretty great! You’re more likely to wake up well rested without your arm half asleep. And that’s not all. Here are some other perks of sleeping alone.

1. Comfy PJs

You know those footie pajamas your ex used to make fun of you for? Or that leopard print Snuggie you were urged to burn? You better break those out!

2. Night Guards

Or your retainer, crest white strips, whatever you should be wearing at night but you avoid because, well it gives you a lisp and it’s not attractive. Let freedom ring! Put in those white strips! This is a judgement-free zone!

3. Night Cream

Any time I sleep at a guy’s place, I almost always sleep with my makeup on. Which explains my adult acne. Well those days are over! Just think about how acne/wrinkle-free your skin is going to be!

4. You can watch WHATEVER you want on Netflix

No more boring movies you have no interest in. Now, every night you can watch a chick flick or that show you used to watch together at YOUR speed. Oh sweet freedom.

5. All of the pillows/blankets will be YOURS

Seriously. Who needs a significant other when you have all the pillows and blankets? Guess what pillows don’t do? Snore. Or suffocate you with all of their weight Or talk in their sleep. Gone are the days of waking up in the middle of the night to discover someone stole all of your blankets.

6. Less morning strains

Granted, I’ve also messed up my neck from sleeping alone. Sleeping solo does decrease your chances of asleep appendages in the morning.

7. You’re more likely to make that 7AM Spin Class

It’s harder to get out of bed when you’re in it with someone else. So do it. Go to your 7AM spin class. Or don’t. NO RULES HERE.

8. Night Cheese

Or whatever other late-night snack you love. Best part? No one to share it with. Which means more Yogurtland for you! Bwahaha.

9. You can wear a cool eye mask

Holly Golightly slept alone and wore one. I think you can rock one too.

10. You Get to BE you

And this is the best part. It’s your time, your life, and your bed. No compromising. You get to do what you want! Doesn’t it feel good?

Be strong. Do what makes you happy. Sleeping alone can be lonely at first. If all else fails, there’s always the boyfriend pillow.

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