This airline gives you a bizarrely luxurious perk if you fly first class

Flying first class is ~way~ different than coach, and this airline now gives you a bizarrely luxurious perk if you fly first class, reported The Independent. Yep, Emirates will give you your very own pair of pajamas. Whaaaaaaat?!

And they’re not just any old pajamas. Those in first class will get the world’s first moisturizing pajamas. We know, so many questions, right?

They’re for first class customers traveling on overnight flights, states the Emirates website. And the Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology they use will keep your skin soft. Yes, please!

What’s the dl? The fabric releases a nutrient-rich sea kelp as the wearer moves around, which helps prevent dehydration while helping with circulation. So 2017!

They also come with matching slippers, an eye mask, and a felt pouch. Yup, you can keep them! Since the Microcapsule Technology locks in the moisture, it makes it easy to wash and wear them again and again.

Here’s a visual for you.


And another.

This passenger, @award_travel_genius, seems to be wearing them. Plus, read her Insta caption to see how she got a *free* Emirates flight in first class!

And her partner flew for free, too (!).

Meanwhile, other people have gotten ~upgraded~ to first class, to their utter surprise, and reaped the benefits.

So before you think Emirates first class may be out of your league, think again.

Then, once you have on the pajamas, you can cozy up with the sheep-skin-like blanket Emirates gives to first class passengers.

Okay, is that blanket making you want a nap rn, too?!

Of course, the pajamas are just part of Emirates’ first class perks, including a shower spa, as well as the Emirates Private Collection by Bulgari amenity kits for long-haul overnight flights.


I mean, just check out the bathroom alone.

There’s also personalized dining, aka meals whenever you’d like. Yes, like having your own personal chef. Plus, over 2,500 TV channels to choose from. In-sane…ly awesome!

Or, you can sip on some Champagne or wine in your seat — or hit up your mini bar. If you’re feeling social, maybe the on-board lounge is more your thing.

If you came with someone, you can sit together, yet separately.

And if you want privacy? No problem.

Is it just us, or does this seem like less of a flight and more like being in a miniature hotel in the air? In any case, it makes us want to reevaluate our future flight options. Excuse us while we go do some investigating.