Here’s a hilarious look into what it would have been like to get your period over a 100 years ago

When you think about periods (or if you’re on yours right now), you know there’s not much to laugh about. At least, there wasn’t, until now! Say hello to Period Piece, an excellent new web series that explores menstruation throughout history and will make you feel a lot less embarrassed to buy tampons.

This fun new series with a delightfully punny name focuses women in different historical eras and cultures all dealing with the same, often frustrating, issue: having their periods. So far, the series has taken on menstruation issues in Biblical Times, Colonial America, Victorian England, Buddhism, 18th century France, and 1920s Brooklyn, as well as in an episode set during modern times.

Each video showcases a mostly-female cast dressed in historically-appropriate attire and follows them as they go about dealing with heavy bleeding, cramps, being intimate while menstruating, and obtaining sanitary means of dealing with the blood. We love the clever spin on menstruation, which hilariously combines fact and fun for a smart take on period culture throughout the ages. Since it’s also clearly based on some serious research, you’ll likely even learn something, too!

The series was created by Liliana Tandon, an actress and NYU grad who says she created it to help remove the stigma of periods, which are a totally natural thing that nearly every woman experiences. Speaking to Seventeen, Tandon says the series is designed “to make you laugh, it will hopefully empower and encourage young women to take ownership of their bodies, and to feel proud of what their bodies can do.”

In addition to spreading this body-positive message, Bustle reports that Tandon has broader goals for the series eventually, with her eyes set on charity; one of her long term goals is to work with charitable organizations to help bring affordable menstrual products to regions where economic problems or stigmatization make it difficult for women to obtain hygienic items during their periods. That’s a pretty awesome goal!

You can see all of Liliana Tandon’s great work by watching the entire series here. It might just make you feel slightly less annoyed about that awful tampon tax. And check out the season trailer below:

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