Period pads just became a new form of protest, because women are sick of the stigma

Women really are taking over and we’re loving it! It looks like period pads are the newest form of protest for women and we salute them. If we’ve learned one thing this weekend, it’s that you can’t quiet the women of the world. And we’re so happy about it.

On Saturday, women all over the world marched in solidarity with the super empowering Women’s March on Washington.

In addition to rocking amazing girl-power gear, voicing their opinions, and standing up for women’s reproductive rights, ladies showed off their strength in some original ways. Some women made epic signs like ones that read, “Women just wanna have fun-damental human rights!” There were other ones that focused on “the future is female” ideals. Other ladies hung bras on trees.

Our favorite form of protest, however, was the use of period pads.

Yes, period pads were used in different locations, because women are SO sick of period stigma. false

Since the march began, pictures have popped up on Twitter showing period pads that have amazingly inspiring phrases on them.

“Women’s rights are human rights!” one of the pads read. “My body, my choice!” another said.


Nasty women fight orange trolls,” reads another.

Women are clearly not going down without a fight and neither is Planned Parenthood.

Women’s reproductive rights are important and shouldn’t be taboo. Therefore, the period pads as protest are both funny and fitting…and we totally approve!