In defense of pads, the black sheep of the period product world

Most period products get their fair share of love. There are tampons, the Old Reliable of the menstrual world:


Then, as of late, there’s been a pretty sizable migration over to period cups:


And the latest player to grace the feminine hygiene stage, period panties:

But these days, no one really talks about pads.


That’s a lie, people DO talk about pads, but it’s usually in a manner that’s (ahem) not super flattering:

Look, we get the downside of pads AKA feeling like you’re wearing a diaper on your period.


But admitting you wear pads often is sometimes met with confusion from period-getters.


Maybe it’s because pads were the thing so many of us had to use before when we first started our periods and they remind us of our most awkward years.


Let’s be real, Josie Grossie was NOT wearing tampons.

But let’s give pads the props they are due. Because sometimes your flow is not that heavy or consistent…


…and stuffing a tampon up there is going to feel about as awesome as shoving a tampon up your nose.


Also, going to sleep with a tampon poses so many problems.


What if you forget it’s in there? What if you accidentally sleep for nine hours and it’s only supposed to be there for eight? How are you supposed to sleep worrying about all these tampon problems!

And yes, a pad is bulky-times, but it’s also less likely to leak and cover your underwear in period stains.


True, period panties are basically the new and improved pads. But, they need to be washed before you can use them again.


But you still have that thing of pads underneath the bathroom sink, pads to the rescue!

Look, pads may not be the new, cool thing. But they’ll always be there for us. 


So thank you pads, thank you for everything.


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