If your period cramps are insanely painful, sleep in THIS position

For anyone who gets a period, we know from experience how insanely painful our menstrual cramps can be (unless you’re lucky and don’t have to deal with cramps!). Let’s be honest: Who hasn’t gone to desperate measures to relieve menstrual pain? Whether it’s begging someone to bring you a heating pad or crying on the phone to your mom, we’ve all been there. But there might be another cure besides heating pads, Midol, and tears. According to Glamour, the position you sleep may help you to relieve period pain. That’s right: Not only can you enjoy your precious hours of sleep, you can actually give your poor body some desperately needed TLC while you’re on your cycle.


Dr. Lisa Mindley, MD, tells Glamour that sleeping in the fetal position often helps people relieve their menstrual cramps. As she tells Glamour, this works because it takes the pressure off of the abdominal muscles as it essentially causes the “skeletal muscles around your abdomen to relax.” We’re not doctors, but this seems to make a lot of sense!

The worst position to sleep in when you’re on your period, Mindly explains, is likely to be on your stomach. If you sleep on your stomach, it can also cause more pressure against your abdomen, which can contribute to more bleeding, and thus more leakage. We all know that having our periods can be physically draining and emotionally exhausting, so getting a solid night of sleep sounds like a serious blessing. And not having to re-wash our sheets all week long is also a bonus.