If your period were a person, it would send the most annoying texts and this video is proof

Time to lay down some truth, ladies: Having your period sucks. I think we try to make it easier on ourselves by personifying the good ol’ Crimson Tide by giving her a kind or funny name like “Miss Scarlett” or “Aunt Flo.” But if your period really were a person, she wouldn’t be someone you’d want to hang out with. Or give your number to.

The folks over at BuzzFeed created a video of all the bitchy shade your period would text you if it were an actual person. You know, things along the lines of: “Hey, remember the limping puppy you saw last week? Let’s cry about that.” Or, “Cute underwear! It would be terrible if something were to… happen.” And the most evil of all: “See you next month… or will I?” Followed by a baby emoji.

Some of my favorites include:


It would be a shame if something were to happen! And yet, every time I try to sneak a nice pair of undies by my period, they end up ruined.


I don’t even bother with ultra thin pads anymore. I’ve learned my lesson.


I’ll be honest, the urge to fight someone for a perceived slight is rampant during my lady time. So I related the most to this text.

Check out the full (and fully hysterical) video below:

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