This is officially the perfect temperature to straighten your hair

If there’s one situation that Goldilocks can relate to, it’s this: flat ironing one’s hair.

That’s right. If you flat iron your hair at a temperature that’s too low, that can leave your locks looking the opposite of luscious. It will destroy your mane’s shine and become synonymous with the word “lackluster.” And no one wants that.

On the other hand, if you turn up the heat, things can get really ugly, really fast because you can actually fry your hair. (And, really, frying should only apply to those foods that we eat on a Treat Yo’ Self day). In fact, once you reach 420ºF, it all goes downhill from there. At this level of heat, the keratin protein in your hair starts to melt and this cannot be repaired with any amount of deep conditioner. The effects: split ends and a whole lotta breakage.

Thankfully, there is a temperature that’s just right. You’re welcome, Goldilocks.

According to researchers, that temperature is… drum roll, please…  exactly 365ºF! This temperature has many benefits: It helps your hair retain moisture, easily seals the cuticle, and allows you to achieve the best style in the fewest strokes. Overall, 365ºF is the key to hair that’s smooth, shiny, and humidity-proof. Yes, that’s right: humidity-proof.

To make things easy, simply buy an adjustable flat iron, set it to 365, and never EVER change it.

Even if you don’t use a flat iron, that’s cool, too! Just keep this important info in mind if the occasion ever arises. Oh — and make sure to tell your friends because hair care can be the greatest form of self-care.

(Images via Twitter and iStock.)

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