These are the perfect jeans that make everyone look good

Trying on jeans in dressing rooms makes me sweat. I’ll pick out at least eight pairs (usually skinny, usually high waist), choose three or four different sizes (I’m always in between them) and pray to the jean gods that at least one of them will fit. My definition of “fit” means my thighs don’t feel like they’re being strangled, my calves and ankles are snug — but not too snug — and I can sit, or do cartwheels (I can’t actually do cartwheels), or play with my cats and still feel comfortable. Not too tight, not too loose — I like my jeans to fit perfectly.

But this, as you probably know, is next to impossible.

So when one of my favorite Topshop jeans ripped in the butt, I spiraled. I broke the fuck down. Would I ever find a good pair of jeans again? I could just go back to Topshop, but I had owned this particular pair for just six months, and I couldn’t emotionally bear it if I bought them again only to have them tear. Would I ever be happy again? What was life?

I spent some time before bedtime that night online shopping (it soothes me), when I stumbled across a pair of Madewell jeans, the 9” high-rise skinny jeans, the button-through edition.


Immediately, I had a feeling they would fit. And they did.

This medium, vintage-y wash is perfection — it goes with everything. The fading is actually more subdued in real life, and the whiskering isn’t too aggressive. Plus? BUTTONS. Slightly more annoying when you have to go to the bathroom, but not as annoying as you would think, trust me. Lastly, frayed hemming. I love that look this season.


May I add that these jeans make your butt look fantastic? And they STRETCH, because life is too short for stiff jeans.

Here’s what they look like on me in real life:


Do your legs a favor and buy these jeans. They’re $135, but worth every dollar.

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