10 perfect gifts for your significant other (that are secretly for you, too)

The holidays are here, and it’s time to find the perfect gift for everyone in your life. Gift giving, while fun, can also be stressful. But you don’t want to take the fun out of it. The New York Times reminds us to be mindful during holiday shopping, so it’s not all about the stuff.

One of the most important gifts you’ll buy this season will be for your significant other. They’re the person you know the best, and the one you want to impress the most. And yet, sometimes they’re the hardest to pick out to pick out a gift for. Lucky for you, we’ve picked out a fabulous gifts for your S.O. that you will totally want to use as well.

1Roku Streaming Stick


Because everyone needs a reliable way to watch Netflix wherever they are. Plus, the streaming stick is pretty portable, so you can even take it with you on vacation. Get the Streaming Stick on Amazon for $47.96.

2Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer


Because this handy device combines the throwback element of Polaroid pictures with the modern ability to add Instagram filters. Bonus points, because this portable digital printer gives your S.O. a reason to take more selfies with you. Get the printer on Amazon here for $129.99..

3Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker


Because your S.O. will love you all the more for providing homemade ice cream. And you can enjoy the delicious, creamy goodness as well. This ice cream maker is compact, and there’s no need for the ice and salt mixture of the old days. Just pop the freezable container in the freezer overnight, and the next day, it churns out perfectly delicious ice cream. Find it on Amazon for $40.00.

4DIY Ukelele Kit


Because who doesn’t want their own custom instrument? And once your S.O. finishes designing their own ukulele, they’ll play you some beautiful music! Find it here at Uncommon Goods for $40.00..

5Spotify Family

Spotify Family allows you to have up to 6 people on one subscription. Then you and your S.O. can listen to whatever songs you want, whenever you want. Sign up here for $14.99 a month.

6Classy Rolling Bar Cart


Because a bar cart will get your S.O. excited to make drinks while giving your apartment an added element of class. And you can both enjoy that! Plus, all your friends will be totally impressed. Find this classy, metallic bar cart at Target here for $97.49.

7Pandemic Board Game


This cooperative game won’t pit you and your S.O. against one another. Instead, you join forces to fight a global pandemic. Add a little wine, and you’ve got a totally fab night in. Order from Amazon for $20.99.

8JBL Wireless Speaker


Rock out to your favorite tunes anywhere you want. Plus, this speaker is splash proof so it’s good at the beach, by the pool, or even by the bathtub. Order a speaker from Amazon for $79.99.

910-Piece Professional Set of Bar Tools


Both of you love a good cocktail, so why not get yourself the tools that allow you to make one? This fabulous set has everything you need. Your S.O. get get their bar skills in tip top shape, and you can be on hand to taste test. Find this set at Bed Bath & Beyond for $39.99.

10Amazon Echo Dot


If you haven’t had a chance to play with these new smart devices, you should try it. They use voice commands to connect your house, which both you and your S.O. can enjoy. The dot is the smaller of the series, but it can still help you order food or play music. The Dot is available on Amazon for $49.99.

With fabulous presents like this, you’ll make the holidays happy for everyone.

You and your S.O. will have so many reasons to celebrate.

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