If you want perfect eyelashes, all you really need are cotton balls —no really

Sometimes, it seems like no matter how many coats of mascara you use, your lashes just refuse to plump up. There are other options besides mascara out there, but let’s be real—some of us just can’t master false lashes. In fact, some people are actually allergic to the latex commonly used in lash glue. Lash extensions might be a viable option, but they’re costly, high maintenance, and can leave your natural lashes looking a little worse for wear.

So what’s a girl to do when she just can’t find an cost-effective way to get the lashes she sees in every Maybelline ad? Apparently, you just need some cotton.


Yes, cotton!

Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty has shared this awesome, easy, and very inexpensive hack to get the lashes of your dreams, and you probably already have her secret weapon in your bathroom. She uses pieces of cotton to fluff up and texturize her lashes for a finished look that’s pretty stunning.


First things first, you absolutely need a spoolie, which is a lash/brow brush. You can usually find one on the end of any decent brow pencil, but if you want to keep that one clean, use a disposable one. They’re pretty readily available in multi-packs at any beauty supply store for around two bucks. You’ll also need your favorite mascara, and of course, a cotton ball. Be sure to use a cotton ball and not a cotton pad, as the flatness of a cotton pad will actually work against you for this hack.

I’d also highly suggest a lash conditioner, as Huda uses in her tutorial. While a lash conditioner is optional, adding it to your makeup routine is worth the extra effort. A good one will condition, prime, and protect your lashes from damage. It’s basically like a leave-in conditioner for your lashes, and if you like to wear waterproof mascaras, false lashes, or fiber mascaras, I can’t recommend it enough.

After you prime your lashes, simply fluff up your cotton ball, dip your spoolie in it, and comb it through your lashes before applying mascara. Watch Huda in action below, then be prepared to achieve the lashes you’ve always wanted.