This might be the coolest birthday present anyone has ever given

Just when we’re beginning to struggle with what to give to friends and family for the holiday season, one dude has already one-upped us all. New dad Ernst Berlin was looking for the perfect birthday present for his wife Agnes, the first birthday she had after having their 8-month-old son Jacob. So he looked to the Internet.

Through the subreddit, redditgetsdrawn, Ernst found 23 artists and provided them with photos of Agnes and Jacob, asking them to interpret the pictures through their own styles. The result is a diverse and beautiful collection showing the likeness of Agnes and Jacob in all different styles of art, from cartoonish drawings to impressionist painting-like pieces. And the best part? Agnes’ reaction when Berlin gave the collection to her as a surprise, recorded with a hidden camera. Spoiler: She liked it. Awww.

We’re big fans too. Berlin’s idea reminded us there are ton of talented artists who are down with collaborating with random Internet friends. Think of all the weird, cool projects you can make, and all the cool people that are out there ready to help create something kind of inspirational. Seriously, take a look at what Berlin ended up with when he put a bunch of amazing artistic brains to work.

[Photos via Imgur]