People are doing yoga on horses now, because hey, why not?

“SUP” yoga = Stand-Up Paddleboard yoga. So does SUHB Yoga = Stand-Up Horse Back Yoga? Sure, and good to know because that’s a thing (well, the activity is a thing; we came up with the acronym). People are doing yoga on horses. Makes perfect sense, according to those who do it. Apparently, the core principles of yoga — breathing, physical balance, awareness, union — are what make an equine/yogi combo work. Equestrians say that expert horseback riding unites horse and rider. The word yoga means unity in Sanskrit.

After checking out some yoga poses on horseback, we can certainly imagine how it might be a major challenge for balance and core strength.

Upward Bow pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana) on horseback

Crow pose (Bakasana) on horseback

Uh, yeah. Stability, much?

A brief routine on horseback

We can’t help but wonder what the horses think about this. Do they even know what’s going on up there, as they stand obediently? And what if they decide to buck their stoic stance and go for a run? Couldn’t this be dangerous? Practioners insist that the animals are properly coached and trained. Besides, horseback yoga “is not a question of domination, it is a magical connection with an animal that’s bigger than you,” said expert Laura Garcia.

Garcia offers classes at a luxury resort in Spain called La Donaira for $65 a pop for an hour-long session. But, if you don’t have a luxury vacation planned, we found a retreat in Montana that offers cowgirl-centric yogaquestrian (nailed it) classes. (If you happen to be in Russia, you’re probably out of luck.)

So slide into your yoga pants and grab your reigns. We’ll see you on the range. Namaste.

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