People will judge you hard if you read these books on the subway

If you read a book titled, We’re Going To Build A Wall and Mexico is Going to Pay For It and other fairy tales on the subway in New Yorkyou’re going to get some funny looks. Live comedy talk series “Running Late with Scott Rogowsky” found this out firsthand when it took a series of fake books with politically-themed titles onto the subway.

The book covers are pretty intricately designed, and include more great titles like Are You There God? It’s Me Tiffany, How To Succeed In Business Without Paying Your Contractors, Prejudice & Prejudice by Mike Pence, and Fantastic Nukes and Where To Drop Them by Newt Gingrich. They’re all fake.

“Running Late” has previously made popular videos featuring funny fake book covers to provoke lots of subway judgment. And to make it even better, “Running Late” will donate all ad revenue from the video to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

Overall, the reactions from fellow straphangers were pretty positive — most smiled and laughed while taking photos of the books. But despite the humor, the books are sadly all too real, a version of The Giving Tree is renamed The Groping Tree, and features Trump’s face in the treetops while a young girl stands below. Ouch.

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