People genuinely want Oprah to run for president in 2020 because of her Golden Globes speech

People were so moved by Oprah’s speech at the 2018 Golden Globes that they are now calling for her to run for president in 2020. On Sunday, January 7th, the former talk show host delivered the most empowering speech of the night as she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement.

Just minutes after she took the stage, the #Oprah2020 hashtag began trending on Twitter. However, it was her closing lines — “A new day is on the horizon” — that sounded a lot like the start of a presidential campaign.

For now, it’s all just talk, and Oprah has previously said she would not consider running, but it seems the general public know a leader when they see one. Here is just some of what people of the internet are saying:


Celebrities like John Stamos and Sarah Silverman tweeted their support, too. false

If you haven’t heard her speech yet, no worries. You can view it below:

Even Oscar winner Meryl Streep endorsed Oprah’s political future, telling the, “She launched a rocket tonight. I want her to run for president. I don’t think she had any intention [of declaring]. But now she doesn’t have a choice.”

And one person who is definitely in support of the idea is Oprah’s longtime parter, Stedman Graham. “It’s up to the people,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “She would absolutely do it.”

Well, the people have spoken, and they want to see Oprah run in 2020. Now, let’s start thinking of a solid VP. Gayle, perhaps?

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