People are using Twitter to brainstorm how the nightmare year of 2016 can redeem itself

At risk of stating the painfully obvious, 2016 has been the absolute worst. The clock is ticking and 2017 is right around the corner, so people are using Twitter to brainstorm how 2016 can redeem itself — since it was a nightmare of a year, after all. Look, it’s no easy feat, and it would very likely involve inventing time travel, resurrecting deceased musical icons, and reversing the presidential election results in any manner possible.

But Twitter users are nothing if not creative — and the hashtag #howcan2016redeemitself shows that some people are optimistic, others might be in denial, and the rest would be totally OK with a meteor strike bringing an end to 2016 with a bang.

Listen up, 2016 — Twitter has some suggestions for you.

Please oh please let the election results miraculously change (looking at you, Electors).

Could it be possible that 2016 didn't actually happen?


At the very least, could 2016 please stop killing off our beloved musical icons?

Perhaps 2016 could throw us a bone and provide some small blessings — after all, this year owes us big time.


Let's be honest — 2016 is beyond redemption. It must end immediately, even if it requires a meteor strike. (Desperate times call for desperate measures.)

Because we apparently haven’t suffered enough, 2016 will be one second longer than expected. On the bright side, this does give the year some extra time to redeem itself — but, given 2016’s track record, I can’t say I have much faith that it will do so. But, props to Twitter users for coming up with some kickass suggestions.

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