Here’s how many people are using Tinder because they’re bored, not because they want to date

There seem to be two kinds of people in this world — ones who love Tinder and ones who hate it. Now, a new study revealed how many people are using Tinder because they’re bored, not because they want to date, reported Glamour. We know — it’s not fair. Then again, maybe you’re one of those people. TBH, I think many of us have been at some point. After all, getting a bunch of Tinder matches IS an instant ego boost, amirite?!

According to a study by LendEDU, a consumer finance comparison site, they found that A LOT of people — 44 percent — are on Tinder for “confidence-boosting procrastination.” They asked more than 3,800 Millennials aged 18 to 22 if they use the app, and 72 percent said yes. When it came to specifics, 22 percent said they’re “looking for a hookup,” while 29 percent said they use it for other reasons.

How many said they’re “looking for a relationship”? Four percent!

“If people are seeking a serious relationship, then they are most likely not going to use Tinder, the study said.

However, I’m sure a lot of us know couples who did meet on the app! A spokeswoman for Tinder, too, said their research found that 80 percent of the site’s users are seeking a meaningful relationship, reported MarketWatch.

Personally, I think love can be found on Tinder, as I wrote about for Bustle, and have had a couple of great boyfriends from it (and in L.A., of all places, which is NOT an easy city to date in!). Plus, there’s definitely a strategy to swiping right and the way you market yourself — what you write in your online dating profile, what pictures you choose, and so on.

But, yes, like the study found, people on it for “confidence-boosting procrastination” may not have the best luck.

Meanwhile, people who do want to meet people on the app should probably swipe conscientiously, not just out of boredom or for an ego boost. Now, if you’ll excuse us while we go check our Tinder matches (with purpose, of course)…