Some people are upset about Kim Kardashian’s open casting call for KKW Beauty

Ever wanted the chance to model for Kim Kardashian’s beauty line? If you’re a woman living in Los Angeles, now’s your chance. Earlier this week, KKW Beauty announced that it’s holding an open casting call for several upcoming campaigns. The call is for women of all ages over 18, and many commended Kardashian for the brand’s age inclusiveness.

However, not everyone was happy with the call — some have noted that it excludes men who might also be beauty-lovers.

Though KKW Beauty has been wildly successful since it launched in June, the company has seen its fair share of controversy, from allegations that Kim’s skin was darkened for a campaign, to the time she defended past racist remarks made by fellow beauty influencer Jeffree Star. Kim apologized on both counts, and the brand has enjoyed continued success.

Social media users were quick to call out this most recent oversight: false

Neither Kim nor KKW Beauty have addressed the comments, but others were also quick to defend the brand’s decision to exclusively feature female models.

Kardashian is known for being honest with her fans and tackling controversy head-on, so we have a strong suspicion she’s taking her fans’ input and opinions seriously. We personally think there’d be plenty of male models who would absolutely slay in a KKW Beauty campaign, and we can’t wait to see how the line continues to evolve in the future.

We’re always happy to see mainstream fashion and beauty brands including all kinds of beauty, and hopefully Kim’s line will reflect that.

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