People are really upset Kelly Clarkson fed her daughter Nutella, and um, okay

The joy of being a kid is experiencing things for the very first time. Wouldn’t you just love to go back and have your first lick of ice cream again? When Kelly Clarkson gave her daughter Nutella for the first time, she, like any doting mother, expected it to be an adorably happy moment. That’s exactly what it should’ve been, but it didn’t take long for the online trolls to swoop in and ruin all the fun.

In a recent Instagram post, Kelly’s 2-year-old daughter River is chowing down on a piece of toast with nirvana Nutella on it. It’s her very first taste of the hazelnut goodness, and she is knee deep in chocolate heaven. It’s so cute. And it’s the appropriate response to your first taste of Nutella.

River is wearing a pink bib and there’s a little Nutella on her mouth (which is the correct way to eat it), and Kelly asked her if she likes Nutella. She looked up and said, “Yeah,” with the sweetest smile on her face. Because, well, who doesn’t like Nutella?! Especially a 2-year-old kid who’s tasting it for the first time.

Apparently there are some people who had a problem with what Kelly was feeding her kid. Some of them were accusing her of being a bad parent, saying Nutella is “bad for you” and “it’s been confirmed to give cancer.”

Honestly, you’d think people had more interesting things to do with their time than bully Kelly for the way she takes care of her child.

Sure, Nutella has some sugar in it, but it’s not a tub of poison. It’s a tub of all the good that’s left in the world. For the people out there who think Kelly is a bad mom — yeah, okay, just one look at her Instagram definitely shows she needs to improve her parenting skills…

Keep on keepin’ on, mama Kelly.

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