People are *really* upset about this change to American Girl dolls

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” right? That’s what many long-time fans of the American Girl dolls are saying after the company announced a new “improvement” to the doll’s design. People are upset about the change to American Girl doll underwear. Up until now, American Girl doll underwear was sold separately, and was therefore was removable. But now the company recently announced that their dolls will now have underwear sewn on to their bodies.

After receiving backlash about their undergarment decision, American Girl posted a photo on their Facebook, showing customers what the new undie design looks like compared to the existing underwear.

In the photo caption, American Girl doll writes:

"The doll on the left is in a pair of our existing briefs; the doll in the middle features the new design; and the doll in the swimsuit has the new underwear design underneath. As you can see, the underwear will not interfere with any of our doll clothes and should not interfere with our swimwear."

Even though American Girl claims the underwear will not interfere with other clothing, some collectors and fans are very unhappy with the change. Laura started the hashtag #pantygate, and although we’re laughing with her, we understand her frustration.


And Terri raises a good point that American Girl has sold specialized underwear that now seems a bit null and void for those who bought them.


Honestly Jay, we see your point.


But other fans seem to be ok with the permanent underwear, arguing that it won’t deter them from their collecting.



American Girl has done a good job handling both the positive and negative responses. And at the end of their Facebook post they added,

"Doll play is fueled by imagination and the new underwear design should not hamper a girl’s ability to create limitless play opportunities."

Perhaps if the company continues to receive negative feedback from customers, they will revert back to the old removable underwear. But sometimes all good things must come to an end, and we must accept the new. American Girl dolls will always have a special place in our hearts, and in our opinion, we shouldn’t let a pair of underwear tarnish that love!

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