People on Twitter have FEELINGS about the idea that “no one goes to libraries anymore”

Eyes have turned toward the U.K. town of Northamptonshire after their county council announced that several public libraries face closure, due to government budget cuts. After authors Rachel H. Campling and Cressida Cowell took to Twitter to raise awareness about the libraries’ fate, one Twitter user proclaimed that “no one goes to libraries anymore.” And as expected, library lovers fired back.

The abrasive statement was made by London-based New York Observer columnist Andre Walker. He was responding to Cowell, who asked how children from low-income families are supposed to become readers if public libraries shut down.

Walker added that the books should be placed in schools.


But why can’t we have books in public libraries and schools? false

Walker’s argument is clearly full of holes. What about people who are out of school, yet like to read and cannot afford to buy books? Perhaps he isn’t aware of the fact that reading for pleasure, and not just strictly for educational purposes, is a thing.

And yeah, nobody goes to libraries anymore. Sure.

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Plus, public libraries and school libraries exist separately for a reason. Take it from this school librarian.

Even though it seems there’s really no winning with this guy — false

— library lovers are in fact winning this argument. Hands down.


We will RT all day.

Although public libraries in the U.K. and the United States are constantly facing severe budget cuts, the importance of community libraries is still as strong as ever. Libraries bring people together and provide a space for people, young and old, to explore the world of literature and grow their love for reading.

Find out what you can do to help your local library. Donate, protest, or speak up at town or city government meetings. We need to do whatever we can to keep these community staples alive.

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