People are trying to figure out what’s wrong with this photo of three women sitting on a bench

What is going on with these women? They seem to be just chilling, happy to be sitting on a bench in the sunshine. But LO AND BEHOLD, this image is actually another optical illusion that has the internet baffled once again. The picture below was first posted on Reddit via Imgur about eight months ago, but it’s resurfaced and taking the internet by storm.

What seems to be a photo of three women relaxing on a park bench one sunny afternoon, is not what it appears. Can you spot the strange thing happening in this picture?

Note: Try not to pay attention to the actual women, but rather their activity, if you will. When you see what’s wrong, we think you might be baffled.

Have you noticed what’s wrong, or perhaps, what’s missing? Check out what they are sitting on. That’s the thing, they aren’t actually sitting on anything! These smiling women are just a distraction for what’s actually going on here. What kind of witchery is this?!


But here’s the real question behind this frustrating photo — is this the the work of some Photoshop wizard, or could these happy gals be performing the most relaxed squat the world as ever seen? If it’s the latter, then kudos to them for making the classic buns-of-steel exercise look so easy!


Whatever happened here, we must admit, we’ve been fooled again. These tricks of the eye are definitely keep us entertained. Try sending this to a friend who loves optical illusions or to a friend to gets frustrated very easily. We’re sure you’ll get a great reactions from either point of view!

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