People were totally freaking out about Bella Thorne’s necklace, and here’s why

Bella Thorne is known for being completely unapologetic, which is kinda why we love her. And when fans freaked out about Bella Thorne’s necklace, the star had the best response.

Now, we absolutely love Bella Thorne’s style. The 19-year-old has proven time and again that she’s not afraid to take risks, be it rocking a sailor hat and black bra, dying her hair every color imaginable, showing off her nipple piercing, or wearing these lace-up jeans.

Living her life out loud also involves social media, and one recent Snapchat picture sent Bella Thorne’s fans into a bit of a tizzy.

As Teen Vogue reported, Bella shared a picture on Snapchat, as is her wont. However, fans picked up on one specific thing from the image: Bella’s necklace.

Given how blurry and grainy those Snapchat pictures can be, it’s understandable that people got a bit confused about what the words on Bella’s necklace actually said. One user took a screenshot of the picture, speculating that the necklace actually had the word “Allah” written on it. Fans began to speculate on social media, with some questioning whether Bella was actually Muslim.

Of course, there would be absolutely nothing wrong if Bella Thorne was a Muslim or wanted to become one, but the star decided to weigh in on the speculation and set the matter straight.

Commenting on the fan’s account on Instagram, she simply said:

"It actually says 'slut'..."


As Teen Vogue noted, Thorne’s necklace seems to be the star’s way of reclaiming the word “slut” for herself, and she’s previously spoken about being slut-shamed in the past.

As we know, slut-shaming is a real problem, especially for female celebrities, so if Bella is wearing that necklace to make a stand against it, we stand with her. Regardless, as long as she feels happy with herself, that’s all that matters.

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