A lot of people were terrified by this cat they thought was a ferocious bobcat

You’re taking a leisurely stroll down the street, admiring your surroundings, when something suddenly catches your eye. You quickly do a double-take and realize that there’s a… bobcat sitting on your neighbor’s windowsill?


Interestingly enough, the above scenario is an everyday occurrence in Colleen Pizarev’s, San Jose community because her Maine Coon cat Spock just so happens to weigh 27 pounds and is an impressive 4-feet in length. Oh, and he casually eats up to a pound of meat a day!

“I get people who knock on my door to say, ‘I’m very concerned you have a wild animal in my neighborhood,’” Pizarev told ABC News. “I live by a park and get a lot of foot traffic in front of my house and people will knock on the door and express concern that I have a wild animal in my home.”

Though people passing by initially assumed that Spock is a dangerous creature, he’s actually the opposite! According to Colleen, her feline friend is a wonderful, very gentle cat who can’t help the fact that he’s growing like no tomorrow. In fact, he adorably has no idea just how big he’s gotten, so Spock often knocks things over. To combat this, Colleen has had to secure decorative items with earthquake putty to prevent them from coming in contact with her cat’s 2-inch-wide paws.

Just when we thought this story couldn’t get any more interesting, Spock continues to surprise us with his very unique – but still super cute – habits.

“He does not like doors closed. He does not like to be alone,” Spock’s owner explains. “Maine Coons are extremely social. If you go in a room and shut the door, he’ll open it. He’s been doing that since he was about a year. When he’s on his hind paws he can put his paws on the counters in my kitchen.”

On top of that, Spock can’t fall asleep unless he has a YouTube video to comfort him. “As a typical adolescent, he’s addicted to YouTube,” states Colleen. “He really enjoys it. He’s an indoor cat so we like to help him think he’s chasing squirrels. It puts him to sleep. We call it his bedtime stories.”

Clearly, no one has anything to worry about with Spock… unless they turn off a YouTube vid before he’s fully asleep or leave a breakable item in his path.

(Images via WTOP/TwitterGiphy; ABC7/Twitter; Deb N/Twitter)