15 people tell us their favorite stress relieving techniques, because self care is different for everyone

Everyone gets stressed out by different things and experiences, which is why, in honor of Stress Awareness Month, we asked our readers about their favorite stress relieving techniques. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, there are going to be times when things just get to be way too much handle. Which is why having a stress relief routine is absolutely vital for your mental health and your relationships, since taking it out on your roommate, significant other, or some random woman at the grocery store is not an option (though we’ve all been there).

In case you’ve forgotten, stress is super bad for you. It can manifest itself into headaches or stomach issues, or just mess with your sleep. Once your sleep is messed with, it’s sort of a downward spiral from there. Stress can dehydrate you, cause you to eat a whole bunch of stuff that makes you feel terrible (even if it’s delish in the moment), and scramble up your whole routine. At the very worst, stress can turn into a panic attack or, if left unchecked, can send you down the rabbit hole of some serious blues or depression.

Despite all of that, stress is something we all have to deal with. So don’t be scared to talk about it with  your friends. In the meantime here are 15 people’s tips relieving their own stress. Enjoy!

Susana, 28

"I find that a regular work out routine always helps me stay more relaxed. I feel noticeably more stressed when I don't work out."

Pam, 33

"I like to bake, clean or randomly organize cabinets or drawers. I think psychologically since I can't control the stress at least I can have my environment organized and have some control."

Cara, 33

"Taking at least 30 minute of no talk time after workday."

Anna, 34

"Glass of wine or a little weed, either a funny or engrossing show/movie, and knitting is my killer combo."

Allison, 33

"Working out or cooking. Both to '90s music."

Katherine, 27

"Crafting, cleaning my room, and lavender everything (candles, steeping in milk, whatever). All to the Beach Boys."

Molly, 30

"Watching something funny on TV really helps. Phil Dunphy and Kimmy Schmidt helped me through some rough patches this winter."

Meaghan, 35

"Quiet alone time with some chamomile tea and good, clean, simple food. And Netflix."

April, 32

"Ordering take out (Thai and Mediterranean are my stress go-tos) and eating all of the food by myself. While binge watching Weeds on Netflix."

Alex, 38

"Very hot bubble bath with a book, or dancing, or cuddling with my cats."

Olivia, 24

"Cooking a simple dinner with some good music in the background."

Casey, 36

"Acupuncture really helps me. Or doing a deep apartment organization. Last weekend I even busted out the adult coloring book with fancy watercolor markers."

Katie, 33

"Cooking an elaborate healthy meal from scratch."

Clare, 33

"Adult Swim cartoons or Netflix. Then talking about what's stressing me out and making lists."

Danielle, 34

"I'm a mom, so taking walk *by myself* helps. Also, deep breathing and stretching. Again, alone!"

Knowing how to relieve stress in a healthy way — even if that means indulging in a glass of wine or some take-out food in moderation — is so important. Everyone has to do it at some point. Find out what works for you!

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