People are tagging their Instagram posts in Singapore for this bizarre reason

If you’re hell bent on gaining more Instagram followers, you know how important it is to include the right hashtags and check in at certain locations. There’s a weird location trick going around, though, that apparently helps you gain more followers. People are tagging their location as Singapore on Instagram, even though they’re nowhere close to Asia.

The past couple of weeks has seen an influx of Instagram users who are claiming they’re in Singapore, all in the name of making their posts more visible. Some of the most popular Instagram stars are taking part in this shortcut, and they all swear by it, claiming it gets their post to appear higher up on the Explore page.

Take King Bach, for example. He’s got over 11 million followers, and most of his recent pictures have been tagged in Singapore, Singapore.

(You’re welcome, by the way.) Then there are Insta users like Christian Collins, Amanda Cerny, Lele Pons, and Sommer Ray. They’re all taking advantage of the same loophole.

These people aren’t sure what the reason is behind this geotag phenomenon, especially because they’re not trying to gain more followers from Singapore. Most of their fanbase comes from the States. There’s been some speculation that Instagram hasn’t updated the algorithm feed in Asian countries like Singapore, so the posts reach the top of people’s feeds faster, but that can’t be true, because Instagram started using a brand new algorithm feed for Singapore in April.

Mic spoke with a couple of the Instagram stars, who admitted that the trick was silly, but it certainly was effective.

"You keep Singapore up for 12 hours, then you change it. It's fully ridiculous and dumb, but it works."

Some people on social media claim that this is nothing more than a confusing (and sometimes annoying) tactic that doesn’t make any sense. But, hey, if it works, why not use it? It’s not like you’re breaking any Instagram rules by telling your followers you’re in Singapore.

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