We can’t look away from all these people swirling paint colors together

Need more color in your life? Then #paintmix will be your new BFF. Yep, it’s just like it sounds, mixing paint together to create some of the most beautiful color combos you’ve ever seen. Sound boring? Or like the best thing ever?!

Watching the Insta vids, you’ll see how remarkably soothing it is. Forget meditating — #paintmixing is here!

It’s even been said to be good for you, as watching the swirling and spreading of the paint can produce a calming effect for the viewer, according to the site Verywell. It’s like putting yourself into your very own trance.


Here are some of our faves from Instagram.

As you’ll see, there’s different mixes for everyone.

You can start small, with just a couple colors.


Then add more colors as you go.


After that, try your hand (no pun intended) at some rainbow colors.

No matter what colors you choose, you really can’t go wrong.


Talk about transforming — not just the colors, but your soul. (Feel relaxed yet?)


And it’s about time you add some glitter to your life, amirite?

Like we said before, there’s no color combo that you can’t try.

Looks like we’ve got some mixin’ to do.