Women are sharing pics of their noses in profile to remind us that all noses are beautiful

“Big,” “small,” “bumpy,” or “broad” — we’re talking about noses. And in an effort to promote the fact that all shapes and sizes are beautiful, people have been posting side selfies on social media to celebrate their noses.

The initiative was started by Radhika Sanghani, who used the hashtag #SideProfileSelfie to help launch the (long overdue) campaign. What helped start it? Sanghani says she decided to start the hashtag because she was tired of feeling insecure about her nose and her perceived “imperfections.” In an interview with Mashable, Sanghani said she wanted to celebrate the feature and stop trying to hide it.

"It's been so freeing to not hide from side profile photos anymore and to actually just like my face," she said. "So what I really want is for women to share their own #sideprofileselfie and start to celebrate their noses [...] I just hope that it helps some of them love their noses and show big noses can be beautiful."

Sanghani posted her own side profile on Twitter, and we’re living for it.

The campaign has inspired many to follow suit and share their own side profile pics.


Campaigns like these have the power to make major change, and we’re psyched that this is finally happening. It can be all too easy to look to the perfectly curated photos in magazines and on Instagram and hold ourselves to those unrealistic (and often Photoshopped) standards.

Here’s to loving our noses — and all of ourselves.

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