People are sharing the most awkward times they’ve burst out laughing, and some are so hilariously inappropriate

Sometimes laughing just happens. A situation will be scary, or sad, or stressful – and a laugh will bubble up out of our throats. As a result of those giggles, we often land ourselves in awkward moments. Luckily, we are not the only ones who experience this phenomenon.

Studies show that this kind of laughter is actually helpful because it helps our brains deal with stress. In addition to being good for your health, inappropriate laughing also makes for some pretty entertaining stories.

Here are some anecdotes from Twitter that people are sharing.

Hopefully they’ll help you rest assured that someone is always more awkward than you are.

There’s dreaded funeral laugh. false

And the even more dreaded hamster funeral laugh. false

That moment when you realize old age comes for us all can be pretty hilarious. false

This person who is probably getting a great annual review. false

This person with nerves who might be Satan. false

And, of course, the instant laugh karma.

And celebrities also suffer from unexpected bouts of laughter. They’re just like us! For example, remember when Anderson Cooper cracked up at his own jokes during a segment of his show on CNN? Let’s take a moment to relive that fun.

Emma Watson also couldn’t get it together during an interview promoting one of the Harry Potter movies.

And the results are nothing short of hilarious.

So maybe the best thing you can do when helpless giggles slip out of your mouth is to shrug it off. Be as discreet as you can and then quietly excuse yourself. Or you know, just run with it and see what happens. Laugh on, laughsters.

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