People are sending Planned Parenthood love as it turns 100

Planned Parenthood has been at the forefront of reproductive justice and freedom for a long time, but tomorrow on October 16, the organization formally turns 100. It’s wild to think about all of the upheavals in reproductive legislation and cultural norms that have happened over the past century, and given the current climate and conversation around, among other things, women’s fundamental legal standing, birth control access, and reproductive autonomy, Planned Parenthood has been thrust yet again into the crossfires—sometimes literally—of people who vehemently disagree with the organization’s mission.

And yet, through decades of change, Planned Parenthood has done the tricky business of educating people about their bodies, their rights, and their choices, while also providing services (including yes, abortions) for people both within and outside of other forms of healthcare systems.

In celebration of Planned Parenthood, and as a support for the constantly beleaguered organization, people are taking to social media to share their feelings about Planned Parenthood, working and thriving, #100yearsstrong:

We are here for Planned Parenthood, both the work they’ve done and the work they tirelessly continue to do. As we wait on the results of an election between a man who has shown no understanding of anyone’s autonomy other than his, and a woman who if nothing else acknowledges other people’s realities, we need organizations like Planned Parenthood more than ever. Here’s to another 100 years, and many more after that.