People are saying this teacher is dressing “inappropriately” — but we’re not convinced

Too often, it can feel like women literally can’t leave the house without society commenting our bodies and the way we dress ourselves. Sadly, this is now even happening to our teachers. That’s right: Patrice Brown, who teaches the fourth grade in Atlanta, Georgia, is being heavily criticized because of the way she dresses when she teaches students. And the hashtag #TeacherBae was started just so that people could take to Twitter to discuss whether or not the woman’s outfits are truly inappropriate or not. Like, what?


We are far from convinced that these criticisms are fair, however. Take a look at some of the shots she’s posted to her Instagram account below:

As Maria Guido points out at ScaryMommy, Brown is completely covered, with dresses to her knee, jeans, and loose fitting tops. There is nothing suggestive or revealing about her clothing, which leads us to wonder: Just what do critics want her to wear? As a woman with curves, should she be permitted only a shapeless sack, and if so, why?! And why are so many critics okay with women teaching their children, but not trusting they have the ability to dress themselves appropriately?

Thankfully, many people are calling out this sexism (and body-shaming) on social media.

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The fact of the matter is, it seems that people are protesting Brown’s clothing because of her figure. Sadly, this speaks to how overly sexualized women’s bodies, especially black women’s bodies, are.

It seems that women literally cannot do their jobs without people weighing in on what they should or shouldn’t be wearing. As Guido points out, some critics expressed concern that students in her class may be “distracted” by her figure and outfits. If that happens, that’s a great teachable moment about how to respect women. And isn’t teaching what school is all about?