People are saying the iPhone 7 hisses when it’s stressed, and it’s just like us in the morning

Bad news for anyone who has recently shelled out for the new iPhone 7. A lot of users are reporting two major problems with the new device.

The funniest being that it hisses when it’s stressed out.

You know, just like us when people ask us to do a lot of stuff at the same time, or anything before we’ve had our coffee.

This super relatable problem was discovered by a few iPhone 7 users when they realized the phones would start to hiss at them when they were being overloaded by activity. For example watching a long video or using a slightly complicated app will definitely get you on the iPhone 7’s bad side.

The second problem is less funny and more annoying. See, users are reporting that if you use Airplane Mode, it will take a while for your iPhone 7 to find service again. Which is a drag, because the entire point of Airplane Mode is to be able to switch your access to service on and off, quickly, not indefinitely.

Although Apple has made a public statement about these issues yet, according to Teen Vogue, they have instructed phone providers to tell let customers know to restart their phones, and pop their SIM cards in and out if they’re encountering issues. They’ve also recommended that anyone encountering the Airplane Mode issue to request replacement iPhones until the issue is dealt with.

Although these issues are clearly annoying and not what Apple users paid for when they wanted to get the new iPhone, we find it kind of endearing the iPhone 7 hisses when it’s stressed. It makes it seem more like a cute frazzled little creature trying it’s best, than a piece of fancy tech. Although we’re obviously hoping this issue gets solved soon, it’s kind of amusing in the meantime.