People are REALLY pissed this Olympian runner dived to the finish line (and won)

If you’ve been following the 2016 Rio Olympics, you already know that yesterday was a super intense day, and upsets were all over the place. In particular, a lot of people are pretty livid that Shaunae Miller dove across the finish line in the women’s 400m sprint. Miller won the gold, but many people on social media feel that this move was unethical on her part. false

Fan favorite Allyson Felix won the silver medal. Though she is still the most-decorated female runner in the history of track and field, many people felt that she was “robbed” of the gold in this race. It appears that Miller’s dive did not violate rules, as she was not disqualified and was, in fact, awarded the gold medal.

Still, many people who are fans of Felix feel that Miller’s move was unfair, as she technically did not run all 400mm, as the final moments were actually a dive. Personally, we’re just glad that we can sit back and watch all of these amazing athletes perform. We’re happy to leave these impossibly tough calls to the judges and just enjoy the ride.

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